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The past of wireless charging has been a very intriguing journey, which is much more than the current advancement it has come to. From Faraday leading the charge to Nikola Tesla being a pioneer in different technologies to Noble generating experiments, the energy has just been transferring for better. By world war II, scientists had begun to look at microwaves as a source of wireless energy and even though there was progress in the technology, the fact which was pulling it behind was its practicality.

The scope of wireless in the current century is quite bright and blinding. There are a lot of big brands jumping onto the arena of wireless and having fun with it. New technology is being developed where the power of ultrasound could be used for wireless charging which is safe and movable. Another experiment being conducted in Stanford made people achieve a close replica of Tesla’s idea of wireless, over the air energy transmission, these people believe that it is scalable to a level where it can charge electric cars as they move on the road. Even Disney has come to a level where it has an entire wireless charging room which can charge up to 10 devices.

On this note, the future of wireless is quite eventful, there are plenty of proposals awaiting. One of them is Japanese aerospace which believes by the 2040’s they might be able to launch a wireless electricity system that would be space bases and would beam power back through microwaves on earth. The science-fiction future of wireless might not be far off but till then enjoy the wireless charging you have been blessed with.

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