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USB Power Delivery: Everything You Need To Know


In this fast-moving age where we humans are surrounded by technology that is ever changing, it is essential to keep our devices charged. Who wants to run out of battery anyway, eh? Not us.  

As technologies come and go, people throw out the old chargers and cables that don't work anymore which in turn adds to the amount of technological waste generated.

Well, fret no more. Say hello to USB Power Delivery- a technology that aims to put a stop at this! There are plenty of different charging methods for phones and gadgets but USB-PD is one that is catching on quickly. 

So, what is USB Power Delivery, and what does it do?

Connections between equipment for data transfer and power are being revolutionized by the adoption of USB Power Delivery.

USB-PD is a technology that makes charging faster and more flexible using a USB Type C cable. It enables a wide range of devices to share chargers and even power each other seamlessly. 

Now that you know a bit about what the USB Power Delivery standard is, let us look at some of the big features that make it worthwhile-

  • It can charge devices much faster. Without USB-PD, the fastest rate for USB-C would be 15W, but with PD it can go up to a 100W!
  • Devices can charge and discharge through the same port, meaning power direction is no longer fixed.
  • It ensures an optimized power management across multiple peripherals by allowing each device to take only the power it requires.
  • An intelligent and flexible system-level management of power ensures devices are not overcharged and provides only the necessary amount of juice.

In conclusion, this new standard for USB charging could change the world of technology as we know it. With Power Delivery, a range of devices can share their chargers with one another and power each other without any problems.

USB Power Delivery is simply a much easier and a streamlined way to go about charging all of your devices.

So now you know why USB-PD is so essential: in a sea full of proprietary chargers, it has the potential to de-tangle the world of fast-charging and make a single, simple solution for everyone alike.

It allows for much simpler wiring—removing considerable clutter and providing a cleaner digital device environment. 

Since our phones and devices continue to use up more and more power, USB Power Delivery is likely to become more and more common. 

What’s the best part? AMX has brought this technology for you to get your hands on. Our chargers have multiple ports which make charging all the more easier and convenient for you. 

Go buy and help save the environment and also yourself from charging hassles!

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