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USB PD: The Nuances

We as millennials want everything at a speed of flash whether its promotion, appreciation or charging our device, we don’t have the patience to wait for things. And why should we have when everything is changing at a lightning bolt rate? Especially when we have all these super exciting options like Dash charge, VOOC, quick charge, supercharge and so on, there is no stopping of the new age generation. But as they say the more the options, the more the confusion and we are always wondering what’s best for us. Standing unique from these options is USB PD which is mostly seen in the same light and that’s when most people ignore its benefits.

So, what exactly makes this accessory so eccentric, let’s find out:

  1. Open -

The usability of most chargers is limited to their exclusive company that offers that technology and might or might not be used by others. On the other hand USB PD can be used by any company in any way. This is one of the highlights of the device that it is universally applicable which gives other companies a chance to include fast charging in their setup. Also, since PD is universal it is easier to find port spots at public places like airports and public transport. This open nature of PD gives it additional benefit other than fast charging.

  1. Powerful -

The usual quick chargers you find in the market range from 15 W to 30 W of power which is good enough to charge phones and iPads. On the other hand, USB PD is the hulk of chargers as it has about 100 W of power, which is strong enough to charge a laptop. This is only possible because PD is capable of negotiating current and voltage together which provides high power output, and this overcomes the basic limitations of other chargers without doing anything to your device.

  1. Versatile -

Most fast charging available is very limited in their usage. They have the capability to only fast charge certain devices. Whereas PD on the other side was created for a much more dimensional purpose and is as comfortable fast charging an android phone as it is an iPhone.

USB PD is way above the plethora of options available in the market.

  1. Bi-directional-

Unlike the other popular charging devices that have one-way charging, USB PD has reversible charging too. This is one of the few tricks it has in its pocket that charging can go in any direction which means that any PD compatible device can charge any other PD compatible device, letting the energy flow in any direction.

AMX offers you the ultimate PD series, XP. With the line of different ports to offer this device will change your life completely. 

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