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USB car charger: Your constant road trip companion

The cheapest gadget one can have for their road trips is a USB car charger. For just a few bucks, one can get a USB car charger that can charge your device faster than you think it could.

Known to most as the cigarette lighter socket, the auxiliary power outlet was originally designed to power an electrically heated cigarette lighter. Today, one can charge almost anything from tablets to smartphones and even a tire compressor, all from the socket we thought could only act as a cigarette lighter. The socket is now popular as a de facto automotive electrical outlet.

Back in the day people were powering accessory devices with their automotive electrical systems by manually wiring them. The 12V automotive electrical socket changed things completely. Cigarette lighters and radios were among the first to take advantage. Once the wireless car cigarette lighter came into being, that’s when things quickly changed.

In 2020, automobile manufacturers are still debating whether to replace the cigarette lighters in cars. The question is, what will replace it? USB maybe but probably not so soon. It’s because a USB charger can easily be plugged into a car cigarette lighter and hence automobile manufacturers are hesitant to make the leap.

2020 has completely changed our views on travel and we’ve all been hunkering down in our homes for way too long. When the virus is behind us and people start to leave their homes (and maybe even go on a trip or two), cars (for those who can afford one) will be the preferred mode of transportation over buses, metros and flights. Hence, buying a relatively inexpensive USB car charger will go a long way in easing concerns about forgetting to charge your device before leaving your house.

The P1 Car Charger is a 2-port smart car charger that enables fast multi-device charging. It can charge up to 2.4A per port or 4.8A in total. Furthermore, it comes with flash charge technology and is certified by EU, CE and RoHS. It’s small, light and you can just plug it in to the cigarette lighter socket and forget about having to ever replace it. It’ll be your constant companion during your road trips.

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