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This new USB standard is a connector system that can be used to charge a variety of different devices and in addition, is way easier to understand and convenient in comparison to the other USB systems. The concept behind this is that you would eventually need a single wire to connect all the devices you need. So, as we suggested it comes way handier and makes things simpler and lighter.

Most fast charging and quicker data transfer are in support with USB 3.1 which the C cables support, which comes in full circle with the fact that all you need is a single wire for all your work. The technology is gearing up and as promised to make things easy peasy. But everything good has a bad side to it too, so let's measure the pros and cons of this wonder:

  1. The good side-
  • Universal applicability

This means that it can be used for more than one device, so you don’t have to carry ten other wires for different devices. Its reversible usability also another benefit that saves you time.

  • Faster charging and data transfer

USB C had been developed to support and promote faster service. So when you use this accessory everything speeds up.

  • Flexibility and convenient sizing

Eases up your transportation and makes things compact

  1. The bad side-
  • The hocus pocus around its specifications

USB C is just a connector and there is a variety of them in the market which is used for different purposes.

  • Cheap USB-C can damage your devices
  • Support is not complete

Since USB C is still getting the popularity it deserves the in-process fame might not make it entirely universally applicable.

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