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Tracks To Help You Sweat It Out

Finding motivation to work out is tough and especially if there are people pulling you down. It gets physically difficult to move to the gym and run when you don’t even like walking up the stairs since you have low stamina. But the idea, health is wealth has been taped across and you know in the heart of hearts that it will make you fitter and healthier, so you just gotta do it.

The benefits of working out are plenty and so is the work that comes with it, like finding a good gym, buying work out gear and setting up your playlist. While the rest can be done through various apps, we have two things that can definitely benefit you-



If you are a fan of Drake, Travis Scott and many other rap gods then this is the playlist for you. Your energy will get pumped up two folds when you are rapping alongside running on the treadmill.


Jamming with Marshmello, Kygo, Calvin harris can help you blow up your way through one hour of stress release. These dance numbers will make you groove and help you shed those extra pounds.


If you are a fan of Bollywood music then this is the space for you where you can move your body with the beats of chull, Saturday and much more.


All the Punjabi music fans this is the playlist especially for you where you can enjoy working out while listening to Jass Manak, Baani Sandhu, and Amrit Maan. Go feel the beat now. 

The other thing which can be used in combination with this is AMX ONE X EARPHONES. This is especially designed in an ergonomic style that makes sure the earphones stay in place even while you are doing your 50th jumping jack. With its powerful delivery, AMX provides you zestful sound quality that blends bass and symphony so well that it provides you an immense experience. And what will be music without good quality earphones to support them?

 So, go get your gears ready for the journey and don’t forget to check us out.

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