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We have all been the victims and culprits of killing our phone batteries and who knows better than the millennials how much importance the phone holds in a person’s life. We are glued to our screen for so long that we unconsciously harm our phone battery little by little every day, and we don’t even realize it. The value the battery holds is as much as the heart for the human body and the moment it starts degrading, the complications start showing up.

Usually, the next step people think is changing the lithium-ion battery which is way more complicated work than nurturing and taking care of your battery in the first place. A lot of phones exist in the market whose batteries are not removable and even if you have a phone who is capable, the cost of official battery can be expensive and quite frankly skippable. And in case you think of using a local one, we all know how that system goes.  So why don’t you just save the environment and money by just doing these few steps to make sure your battery doesn’t give up:

  1. Don’t let your phone get fully discharged and charged when you do that your phone battery degrades by 20% after 400 cycles of these. So, make sure that you don’t overcharge or be on a super low level.
  2. Avoid extreme heat. Leaving your phone in a hot condition whether in the car or charging at a higher temperature place can strain and reduce the lifespan of your oh so dear battery.
  3. Turn down the screen brightness. Screen battery takes up a lot of phone energy and reducing it will require us to charge our phone less. 
  4. Don’t keep apps that take up a lot of energy like goggle fit and so on, that track you and at the same time gulp a lot of your battery.
  5. Give your phone some break. We all know how overdoing anything can spoil things the same idea works for phone batteries. Over utilizing it can lead to low performance of the phone as the battery might not be able to breathe.
  6. Use the efficient charger to maximize charging and keep your phone battery happy. Well for that we have for you AMX BEAM X WIRELESS CHARGER that is not just efficient but futuristic too.

Well, we care about your battery as much as you do and suggest you follow these tips for lesser phone worries and a healthier relationship with your phone battery. 

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