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Tips To Prevent Your Ears From Damage While Using Earphones

Whether it’s jamming out during a workout or using it as a constant companion while studying or travelling, most of us spend time every day with our earphones blasting sound into our ears.

Earphones have now become an inevitable part of our daily routine but blasting music in one’s ears does have its consequences.

Using earphones for a long period of time at a high volume can damage the ears and can result in partial to complete hearing loss, also known as noise-induced hearing loss.

But with a little awareness and effort, it’s possible to prevent that from happening.

If you want to prevent any hearing loss caused by noise, you need to learn how to balance your volume levels and the time spent listening to anything.

You can still listen to music through your beloved earphones, but take these precautions to avoid damaging your hearing:

  • Use noise-cancelling earphones-

These types of earphones are good at removing unwanted background noise so that you can enjoy your music without hurting your ears. So instead of cranking up the volume, wear these to cover up the outside noise.

  • Set a volume limit-

Turn the volume up just enough so you can hear your music comfortably, but no higher than that. Even just turning down the volume a little bit can make a big difference to your risk of hearing damage.

To be super safe, the World Health Organization suggests to follow the 60/60 rule: listen at 60% of your device's maximum volume for 60 minutes, and then take a break- some devices have settings you can use to limit the volume automatically.

  • Routinely clean the earphones-

A large percent of earphones are home to bacteria. The chances of bacterial growth additionally increases due to the habit of lending. 

The presence of such bacteria can lead to the inflammation of the ear canal and cause the ear to feel pain and pressure. 

To avoid this, cleaning the earphones on a regular basis is a must.

  • Choose the right set of earphones- 

The sound quality that each pair of earphones offer is a major deciding factor about how much it damages your ear.

While this might not be the first thing you think of, the reasoning does make sense.

If you’re listening to music using earphones through which the noise coming through sounds muffled or fuzzy, you’d probably turn it up in order to hear a bit better. This is obviously a bad idea as far as your hearing is concerned. 

That’s why, when looking for earphones, sound quality should be one of your primary concerns.

  • Take listening breaks

Lastly, if none of the above are an option for you, something as simple as taking breaks between using your earphones can help prevent noise-induced hearing loss. 

The longer you use your earphones, the higher your chances of damaging your ears. You could try taking a 5-minute break every 30 minutes or a 10-minute break every 60 minutes. You can even set reminders on your smartphone to help you achieve this. 

Constant loud noise can exhaust the sound-capturing sensory cells in the ear. One of the exhaustion symptoms is a buzzing sensation. However, resting the ear occasionally gets rid of it. 

If you follow these steps diligently, you can wave a goodbye to damaged hearing! With our range of earphones, we offer you ultimate comfort so that you can enjoy hours pass by at your desk, on the move or at home as you listen to thumping music. 

Happy Listening! 

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