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We all have had a history with mobile phones from those small square boxes, to the latest blackberry to maybe a thousand other devices before you reached the current one. I mean my father has a drawer full of this junk because he has no clue about what to do with it. Most of these devices you hold either don’t have the display, have battery issues or are maybe out of fashion but throwing them in the garbage can isn’t obviously the best way to discard them, it’s also not safe for the environment too. 

Don’t stress we will help you out in doing it the right away.

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Before you decide what to do with your old device, one thing you should keep in your mind is to clean your device before sending it out in the world. Make sure that you wipe your device properly so that you don’t leave any personal data for somebody else to take advantage of and by this, we don’t mean just a factory reset, you need to deep clean your phone according to the OS your oldie uses.

Now the important question is what exactly what all can you do with it!?

  1. Donate

If your device is still in workable condition and can be passed on to somebody else then you still definitely give it to somebody who can reuse it. I am not sure whether there is any organization in India that helps in this process but here you can give it to somebody who is in need and can’t afford the phone or your younger sibling who is way needier.

  1. Recycle

You have reached this spot because your phone isn’t in the functional stage and that’s why it has been sitting your trash box, we get it. I am sure you have shared various memories with it and cried, got excited, spilled something, we understand. Most cities have those e-waste booths where you can dispose of your old phones and get something in return as reinforcement and in case you don’t, look up the guidelines or places where you can dispose of them on your municipal corporation site or office. I am not sure about other places but Delhi has plenty of them on metro stations, maybe it’s time to give it a spin.


So, I guess its time to say Hasta la Vista to your old device the healthy way, just like your attempt at life.

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