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The REAL Reason You Shouldn’t Leave Your Phone To Charge Overnight

Let’s talk about ‘the one’ in your life. Someone you just can’t keep your hands off, someone you have to see first thing in the morning, sometimes even in the middle of the night..someone you just can’t live without. No, we aren’t making fun of your loneliness, silly! We’re talking about your phone. 



 Now that we’ve mentioned your sweetheart, stop blushing and pay attention to her health! When we talk about the problems with charging phones overnight, the most common concern that comes to mind is: what if it gets overcharged and explodes?

But wait, what if we tell you that’s nothing but a myth?

Unless there is a serious manufacturing defect with your device model (and that usually comes to light pretty quickly after it launches), you can leave your phone plugged in overnight without worrying about it overheating or overcharging.

How does this work?

The smartphones we use today have extra protection chips and software that ensure that as soon as the battery hits 100 percent of its capacity, the charging stops even if it is still plugged in. These extra protection chips are also inside your tablet and laptop.

So Why Shouldn’t You Charge Your Phone Overnight?

Since your phone’s battery stops charging after reaching 100 percent of its capacity, leaving your phone to charge overnight is unlikely to do any significant damage to it. However, if you leave your smartphone plugged in overnight, it's going to use a bit of energy constantly, since it will trickle charge to the battery every time it falls to 99 percent. And that will most certainly eat into your phone's lifespan.


  • Plug the phone in when you go to sleep and if you wake up sometime in the night, unplug it to prevent constant trickle-charging. If you don't wake much, consider investing in a smart plug.
  • While overheating is unlikely, for the love of Steve Jobs do not put other items like books, or your pillow on your phone while it’s charging.

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