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For all the time since the new technology of phones came out till now, we have been stuck with the usual type A and B USB’s. But since technology has evolved that era is coming to an end. Finding which side gets into the phone is time-consuming and can be practically annoying. I understand the struggle has been real. But thankfully 2014 was the year for new sunshine and evolvement. Although as all changes take time, this one is also on its sweet slow journey. But the charm has been gathering attention and here are the dispositions:

  1. Reversibility

This quality makes USB-C one of the most talented babies of the USB family. This accessory is the first one which is completely reversible, which means there is no stress of paying attention to the side of the wire. The wire can be plugged in from any direction.


  1. Popular with the latest gear

This is one device that is future proof, which means this won’t be affected by the changes and the challenges of the developing technology. As USB-C becomes standardized for all devices, its position in the market resembles Harvey Spector.


  1. 1, the new standard

This technology not only supports fast transfer at 10gb per second but encourages and helps in quick charge technology too.


  1. No more micro

The arrival of USB-C has put an end to the vexatious trend of micro-USB. These non-durable and backward cables have no special features to offer. The new USB makes for a better alternative because of its compact size and fast technology.

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