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The Emergency Gadget Kit For The Long Drive

You just checked the weather forecast in the morning and all it showed was heatwaves and now suddenly you look out of the window and there is the sudden pouring of love happening. Isn’t it exciting !? The petrichor! The smell of wet mud, adrak chai and everything in saturation bring nostalgia, right!? The first thing you think is texting your loved ones and asking them if they are free to catch up and do a long drive karaoke with your favorite 90’s music playing in the background. Doesn’t that all sound so refreshing!?

But what if your phone battery starts to die as chhaiya chhaiya is playing and you realize that you badly need the google map too to pick up your best friend. What do you do!?

Well, we have the perfect accessory to eliminate all your miseries, our very own P1 Atom car charger.

This metallic device is a big boom in a small package with flash charge, so it’s not going to take bazillion years like the actual big bang to charge your device and that is because the car charger has the dual-port of 4.8A which means 24W of power in this compact device, which has the capability to load up to two ipads. Shocked much!?

Our highly functional device is one of the smallest and versatile car chargers in the world with a fireproof body that will protect your possession from overcharging and overheating as the weather is capable of raging things up.

This lightweight wonder is packed with a maximum power output that provides the highest efficiency with minimal current and enables rapid charging even on the go!

If this all doesn’t sound exciting to you, we don’t know what would. So get this baby now and leave your charging worries behind, as you have AMX to back you up. 

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