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Charging is a part of life, it is like an addition to your to-do list on an everyday basis. So, having chargers or sockets available everywhere is a need of the hour. But what happens when you are on the go, seated in your car with 10% battery and 20 phone calls to attend.

All you can think is how do I save the phone? what do I do!?

We mean how can you be in a car and not do your usual activities like playing music and jamming while you are stuck in traffic other than waiting for any urgent work calls or a ring from someone close. We mean imagine you are stuck in a huge pile of cars and your phone energy is way lower than you have while going back home.

Don’t you worry peeps we have the most appropriate solution for this!


This little device is more than it looks like, it is a reflection of beauty and power. This metallic accessory has a dual-port of 2.4 A each which offers 24W of power and has the capability to charge efficiently, which makes it so desirable. The charger is made of fireproof aluminum which protects your phone against excessive overheating and overcharging, which gives you a sense of security.  Other than that, this flash charging technology blends with your vehicle’s dash very aesthetically, giving you another reason to just grab it right now.

Well, we think its time you bring this baby home and make your life way more convenient.

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