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Delhi summers are like sitting in a dessert with occasional waves of air and this time it worsened. So we never know what the future holds for us. Usually, summers are preferred for short dresses, sunbathing with sunblock on and how can we forget hotter than us phones. Whenever you walk out in deadly lanes of Delhi of summers you’ll realize that your device starts heating up without any reason or you have put your phone on charge but you have to keep the fan on in the room because of the room’s heat starts the phone’s fever.

Normally this heating pad is one of the most common and major challenges the phone developers face because these could be the bi-product of charging up. This is a very normal visual when the phone heats up in summers due to high ambient temperature and the energy transferred to the phone through charging. We mean we sweat up and burn in the weather, imagine the worse happening to your phone. So whenever your charger, phone or power bank heats up to give it a break and let it take a chill pill. And If you too are worried about these factors, we might have solutions in store for you:

  1. Don’t leave your device on charge for long until it’s the end of the world.
  2. Do not, we mean not even mistake leave your phone in your car that’s where most deaths happen mainly because the car heats up very fast in hot weather which creates heat inside the car too if you remember the suffocation you face when you enter.
  3. Don’t overuse your phone and try and do it like your oldies. When you use certain applications on your phone the phone’s battery gets hotter faster because of its drainage, so don’t overindulge in your phone and stick to the basic.
  4. Don’t use your phone when it's connected to a charger whether the socket one or power bank.

Well, these are the tricks we have discovered which you should keep in mind whenever it is hot outside. Remember the key is to look hot and not make your device look hotter.  

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