Imagine you are sitting at home all cozy on a Sunday afternoon, watching your favorite show and suddenly your phone battery is at 1%. You run around the house to find your phone charger and the moment you put it on that life-supporting system, it dawns on you that the wire is too short to reach your bed and also your phone might get heated up in this scorching weather. So, the plan of binging on that show has just crashed and you are pissed at the technology.

Isn’t that infuriating!?

What if we tell you there might be a solution to that!

Technology is changing and so has the way of charging. Even though we all love our dear adapters, we have very swiftly transitioned from the old school way to the new hip block. Wireless charging took entry into our lives in the past 5-6 years and it definitely has changed the way people looked at innovation. Well, it’s hard to argue against the convenience it provides. All you have to do is place your device on the adapter and have it charge without any additional cable plug-ins. It just doesn’t save space but keeps you away from the headache of cable breakages. The benefits just don’t stop there, with AMX’s BEAM X wireless charger you can work, watch movies and text while the phone is on charge vertically or horizontally without worrying about the battery life. The product is not just futuristic its considerate about your phone too as it turns off automatically as soon as your cellular device is charged so it’s protected from over-heating or over-charging.

 I don’t think the offer could have been any better. So what are you waiting for place your order now and join the fun club!


Adaptive fast charging

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