REVEALED: The Best Way to Increase Your Phone’s Battery Life! REVEALED: The Best Way to Increase Your Phone’s Battery Life! | AMX
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REVEALED: The Best Way to Increase Your Phone’s Battery Life!

Believe it or not, we can define comfort in three words:

Bed, blanket!

Let’s face it: does anything really beat putting the world (and your boss) on silent and snuggling in your blanket for a few hours of comfort-scrolling?

 Well, actually, something does beat it. The freedom to turn on your side because your phone is fully charged!

We at AMX know how much you need your down-time, and while we can’t get rid of your boss, we certainly can help you keep the charger away for longer so you can look at those memes all you want! Check out the following tips and keep that boss..err..we mean your charger at bay:

1. Charge As Little As You Can 

It’s no rocket science: if you want the longest battery lifespan for your phone, charge it as little as possible. But since this is easier said than done, try instead to keep your smartphone’s battery charge between 20% and 80%.

AMX Pro Tip: A couple of charges throughout the day are better for increasing battery life, as opposed to charging overnight. It’s also a good idea to use fast charging only when it’s really needed.

 2. Use Quality Accessories

No matter how appealing that bargain-priced charging cable looks, it is always a good idea to invest in good quality accessories because not only are they safety-tested, but also last much longer.

AMX Pro Tip: Ditch the overpriced official chargers and cables for our safety-tested, quality-assured and totally in-budget charging options! Explore more here

3. Keep Your Phone from Overheating

The only hot thing in your hand should be a cup of chai! While we’re all about the warmth, your phone needs to be kept as cool as possible.

AMX Pro Tip: To minimize the risk of overheating, take the phone case off and try not to use the device while it’s charging.

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