Attention smartphone users, the gadgets have been evolving for a few years. But the area of technology mostly has been focusing on bringing new software, phone series or some new charging equipment. Just like Qualcomm announced quick charge a few years ago and the millennials have been going crazy. Well, we aren’t surprised, who wouldn’t want less time away from their phone, however, the funny thing is that nobody paid attention to the need for good USB too.  

USB is like the support system for any phone whether it is for charging or non-charging purpose. And none of these astounding devices would work well if you have don’t have something dependable to back you up. Let’s face it that bad cable can be so frustrating and may disrupt your workflow which makes it all the more the situation of life and death.

Another factor that disrupts people who are short length wires. We mean, comprising of quality is one thing but adjusting your lifestyle according to its length is another. Imagine you leaving your comfy spot just to charge your phone while you wait for it to charge which might take forever.

We get it that it's tempting to pick up anything at your local store which is the cheapest but it is better to invest in a more reliable one.

That’s why we have for you AMX INFINITI MICRO USB A TO C.

These cables are made of abrasion-proof nylon fiber with triple layer protection that assures you prolonged use and efficient performance. It comes with flash charging tech that boosts your charging speed by 20% and your proficiency by 100. Enclosed in multiple sheathing this cable ensures maximum transfer speed and minimum interference so that you don’t have to wait for hours to transfer your data to and fro. With the wire having options between 3 feet and 6 feet you won't even have to leave your comfortable spot for the energy boost to your phone. And this is the kind of strong and durable relationship you need in your life, ladies and gentlemen. 

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