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Winter is coming and no not just to the GOT town but to our cities too and some of you who don’t like winters, I get you. This season can be really annoying from putting on extra layers to being out there shivering and ending this annoying list with is the most important fact, using phones. It gets difficult to not just use them but how the weather influences the battery of the device and it doesn’t just include your old phones but the newbies too.

This mainly happens because of the Lithium batteries today’s devices use which are vulnerable to extreme hot and cold and make their energy go down at a much faster speed than your own shaking body. And also, it’s all about the chemistry whether it’s love or appliances which states that cold-temperature can bring down the chemical reactions which lead to electricity, in turn, making the device lose its power.

Don’t worry we have a few things you can do to keep your phone warm and happy:

  1. Keep the phone in your bag or pocket.
  2. Make sure you keep your phone outside only for some time and put it back at a warm place.
  3. In case the phone doesn’t work, shut down the phone after warming it up and try to restart it.
  4. Always keep a power bank with you to fight back the cold.
  5. Activate battery saving mode
  6. If your phone shuts down, plug it to the nearest charging point and keep it in your jacket.
  7. Use a phone that keeps it protected
  8. Keep your phone fully charged.


Winters are difficult and it can really create problems in your device. Hopefully, next time you go out, you are equipped with better knowledge about how to fight back the weather. So, as we believe that the hustle should never stop whether its winter or summer, we offer you these tricks to pump your device while you warm yourself through another list of tactics.

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