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New year, new me. Is that your mantra too this 2020!?

For years we have been trying to inculcate new habits and leave old ones, just so that we evolve better. The new year has always been about bringing changes, making resolutions and then a lot of times failing at achieving them isn’t that relatable!?

The main problem is that we set goals which a lot of times are either unreasonable or too demanding on us, we tend to forget that we are humans after all and bound to make mistakes. So, it’s acceptable that you take to aid in order to attain your resolutions.

If you ask us, the only expert knowledge we can provide you is suggesting you to get a few gizmos that will at least help you achieve your workplace goals whether short term or long term, this new year.

1. AMX XP 50

With its multiple ports, you don’t have to worry about putting your devices on charge in different borders of the workplace, you can put all your devices in one place and leave the stress behind. XP 50 comes with flash charging technology that enables up to 2.4 amps of power per port, that recharges your devices swiftly and promises to keep it safe as well. This accessory is not just smart with its 40 watts of power but is also durable.

  1. The other device you need to pump it up is the Infiniti cable.
    This accessory can help you transfer your data at a speed of
    5GBPS that makes it the superhuman you need in your life.
    But with great power, comes great responsibility.
    The Infiniti cable ensures that your device remains safe while it does its magic. This flash charging tech has triple layer protection that makes sure that your work doesn’t get disrupted because of some minute problem.


Chargers are important as much as the phones and the need for charge can arise at any moment of the day. So, when you want to charge your device while you are on your way to pick up your best friend for the late-night sneak out, you have a car charger to rely on. For this need, we have AMX P1 ATOM CAR CHARGER


Music goes a long way and without it, life would be bland. Good earphones are important to rejoice the mesmerizing effect of happy music and that's why you can't leave your place without it. Imagine the horrifying experience of leaving your earphones at home and just staring into nothingness the whole way. For this need, we have AMX ONE X earphones that offer classy design and maximum comfort along with excellent sound attenuation.


As important it is to work and complete the tasks, we have to remember that health comes first. So, when you make this device as part of your life you tend to take a step towards the well- being and later a lot of them. To help you in this area, we suggest you get FITBIT or HONOR BAND 4 of you to need a more affordable one.


So, go get them and make you’re a year a happy one!

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