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Music is part everybody's soul in one or the other way and you really can't escape this melodious experience.  Imagine you are traveling by metro and boredom has striked you bad, this accessory will save you from unwanted noise by providing a striking music experience that will make you groove and lift up your mood.
We present to you AMX X1.

Especially designed for music lovers, this accessory serves you minimal style and maximum quality. The ergonomic design is to offer you utmost comfort even when working out  while the earphones deliver a zestful sound quality at a wide frequency range of 20Hz - 20,000Hz. Well, isn't that what everybody looks in earphones!?
Don't you brood, we have more for you in the store.
For starters with its premium carry case , you don't have to worry about it dying soon.
Other than that the product also comes with different ear buds so you can adjust it according to your needs and nothing stops you from relishing this art. Well, the accessory is supplemented with volume and call control buttons that eases your work when you can't take out your phone and provides a pleasant voice call experience.
With Amx's one x earphones there will be music with no boundaries and we focus on providing supreme quality and safety of the products, that will leave you with a gratifying experience.

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