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We all are aware of how battery deterioration starts happening, some of which you would have read in our previous blogs. The battery is obviously an important part of your device and keeping it safe and running is important as well as difficult. We can’t leave our phones for a long time because they are needed in most of our work and using them all the time does them no good.

So, what do we do!?

What do we sacrifice?

I am sure you have read plenty of articles on quora about saving battery and they might have worked out or not. That’s where we step in and try to provide you with useful and workable steps you would like to take to save your phone from the death bed.

  1. Don’t overcharge or undercharge your device because that reduces your charging cycles., which means the battery would stop working at an optimized level earlier than actual time.
  2. You can your phones on battery saver mode to make your charge last but at the cost of its functionality being slow. These battery saver modes try to reduce the consumption of battery, in turn, reducing the charging requirement.
  3. Don’t overuse your phone or put apps that take up a lot of battery which makes you charge your phone more. There are a lot of apps that track your movement or keep on working at the back while you are using your phone which in turn drains the battery faster.
  4. When not using keep your brightness low, disconnect from Wifi and cellular network, which is like a little break you give your phone.
  5. Know when and how to replace your phone battery which might be more economical than getting a new device.
  6. Try and not watch videos when the battery is very low.
  7. Stay in the 20%-80% charge zone on your phone, which keeps the charging cycles intact.
  8. Don’t charge more than the necessary battery gets tired.

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