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Every year technology improves and aims to make things convenient for us. In recent years there has been a technology which has been talked about a lot and that is a fast charge aka quick charge. Firstly, let’s start by explaining what quick charge is, this technology found by Qualcomm is used in devices like phones and chargers by transmitting to the power supply and negotiating a certain voltage that charges your device faster than the old technology chargers allow. It can be found in wall adaptors, power banks, and wireless chargers. It aims to provide power at more than the typical 5 volts rate as compared to the usual USB standards. There are different types of fast charging available, two of them are more generalizable:

  1. Quick charge 3.0

Fast technology makes charging more convenient by reducing the time taken to charge the device which reduces the dependence and improves the usability of the device. To be precise if your phone is quick to charge 3.0 compatible, you can charge up to 4 times faster than conventional chargers.

  1. USB PD

Standing unique from these options is USB PD which is mostly seen in the same light and that’s when most people ignore its benefits. What exactly makes this accessory eccentric is its openness, powerfulness, versatility, and bi-directionality. To see details about these you can check out our older blog.

So, when you buy a new phone this year you expect the new technology to be already included in your device and their accessories. But what if the chargers work at their normal speed!? Wondering what you did wrong or how to make it work?

This new hyped feature doesn’t just work by plugging an old charger, you need to take into account a lot of other factors like cables, enabling the feature on your phone. But how to do it on your respective devices?

  1. Samsung Fast charger

Samsung has its own fast-charging mechanics which works in a very similar fashion to Qualcomm. Most new Samsung phones are equipped with quick charge and if you feel yours haven’t been activated then follow these steps:

  • Go to settings
  • Click on device care
  • Select battery
  • Select more options
  • Click settings
  • Slide on the fast cable charging


  1. iPhone fast charging

All the iPhone addicts who can’t switch to android, quick charge hasn’t forgotten about you. Fast charging has been existing on iPhone 8 and above and apple has claimed to charge 50% battery in 30 minutes. iPhone comes with an in-built fast charging and if it still isn’t charging fast then you might want to look for a good quick charge charger online because apple doesn’t provide you with a fast charger.

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