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Fast Charging Explained (In less than 300 words)




You need to go out and your battery is super low. What do you do when you have limited downtime in your busy life?

Fast charging to the rescue! Well, who wouldn’t want a smartphone that charges in minutes instead of hours?

Fast charging is an increasingly popular way using which you can power up your device in really less time as compared to the old-fashioned way. 

It can save you from the struggle of finding the nearest power outlet to charge your phone when you’re outside and help you be at peace. Wait, did we mention peace? Well, you will definitely want to learn more about this now. 

Here's all you need to know about fast charging-let’s get started! 

In simple terms, fast charging is where power is delivered to charge an electronic device at a faster speed than standard chargers are capable of.

All fast charging services share a common theme — more power.

The output of a charge is measured in amperage and voltage. Amperage is the amount of electricity flowing from the battery to the connected device while voltage is the strength of the electric current. Multiplying volts by amps gives you wattage, the measure of total power.

To make a device charge faster, most manufacturers either boost the amperage or vary the voltage in order to increase the amount of potential energy. Most fast charging standards vary voltage dynamically rather than raising the amps. 

The basic USB specification only sends 0.5 amps (A) of current using 5 volts (V) for just 2.5 watts (W). Fast charging technologies boost these figures. 

But before you embark on a high-speed charging journey, you need a phone or some other device with a charging circuit capable of using one of the fast charging standards, and an adapter and cable enabled for that same standard.

The original and most popular types of fast charging standards are USB Power Delivery (or USB-PD), Qualcomm Quick Charge and OnePlus Warp Charge. 

Companies like Apple, LG, Samsung, and Google use these standards for their flagship phones.

Because these technologies allow your smartphone to charge faster than standard charging speeds, your phone and charger may become warm while charging. To ensure you’re always charging safely, use high quality chargers and cables that have all relevant certifications. When using fully certified accessories, a fast charge is as safe as standard charging.

At AMX, we make that happen! AMX chargers have flash charging that can regulate charging speed as per device requirements dynamically in real time.

Follow this link to get your hands on our certified fast chargers and you can charge your phone away to glory. We promise, haha.

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