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Distancing From Your Everyday Tech

I don’t think we can even imagine our life without gadgets these days. Its like oxygen for us, it helps us survive at all spheres of life from work to socialization to the most basic grocery shopping. Well, doesn’t that make things way facile!?

But in our urge to bridge the gap and make things a piece of cake, we are losing a piece of ourselves every day. Whether it’s losing our sleepover bingeing shows or destroying our mental health over some social media expectation standards, we are derailing ourselves most days.

For those of us who are trying hard to not get entrapped in this, there are few tips you can utilize:

  1. Healthy eating

Well, don’t worry this isn’t some healthy food blog though you should maybe try that too. By healthy eating we mean don’t eat while staring at the screen. Research has said that when you eat unconsciously you tend to eat more, so focus on food while you eat. Maybe disconnecting might help you lose that extra pound.

  1. Plan your online hours

We all know that if we don’t keep a record we always end up on those cat videos on YouTube or random clips of lame videos on Instagram. So, all we are suggesting is that a keep record of how much you are ogling your eyes over the phone. There are various apps that help you keep track of your online activity and plan accordingly. Some entertainment is important, but it should take a hostile takeover on your life.

  1. Make room for me time

Being overindulged in social has made most us ignore the self-session/ reflection time we all deserve. We let technology take over us that not only our physical but our mental health too is getting deteriorated.  To battle that we suggest you to, take time for yourselves whether it’s working out an hour, doing face masks or mediating, take that special time for yourself and rejuvenate.

  1. Uproot the urge

we all have experienced that space where we can’t sleep and the next thing we do is reach over to our phone for that midnight session. Isn’t it obvious that if we will stare at a bright screen at that hour we won’t all the more fall asleep!? And then the next thing you know its three in the morning. To overcome this problem, we suggest that you stop using your phone one hour before bedtime and put it on charge in a different room. Also having a proper night-time routine might help you sleep better at night.

Now since we have provided you the epic key to nail a technology-free life, we hope you try out our products for the gadget time you are going to pin for yourself. Check out our products and gain a better experience.

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