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Detangle Yourself From The Drama!

Getting caught up in the web of 100 wires and choking on it, do you get the same dreams!? Then you should definitely keep on reading!
We are in a world where less is more and everything has a shortcut to it.
In our everyday life, we focus on carrying as little baggage as possible
with us, whether it’s to the workplace or our home. But every time we think of charging our devices it’s the same old fashion relationship with the adaptor and USB cable, have you ever thought about spicing things up!?
If you haven’t so far, then this is the perfect place and opportunity for
you to try something new. How long will you stick to your usual wire
mess and make it look like you are one too?
Sort your life out and join the Genx party!

We present to you, our very own Beam X wireless charger.
With its dual coil, it enables adaptive fast charging at 7.5/10 W of
power, which makes it not just efficient but effective too. Beam X with
its bi-directional feature lets you watch all your favorite shows or get
serious and work while it does its task.
This device will take care of your phone more than probably you will
do. With its auto-off smart technology, the charger shuts down as soon
as the device is fully charged and doesn’t kill your phone by overdose.
We are living in a futuristic world, where technology is fast-changing
and so should you if you want to keep up with it.
So go grab your special Beam now and change the way you look at

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