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Music takes a little part of our soul and we won’t deny, we are enjoying the ride. We mean just imagine a world without music would feel like a world without colors, bland and boring. From the Bollywood booty shakers to raving raps, nobody can resist the magic of the tunes. This is one generational gift everybody enjoys and doesn’t want to let go. Trust us, if we could play background music on every important occasion we would, but since that can’t happen technology built you a way to get a more achievable version of it, “THE EARPHONES”.

This little device can make or break your musical experience and we don’t need to tell you how! Good quality earphones go a long way and transport us to the euphoric world of music where only the symphonies talk rather than the annoying aunty sitting next to you in the metro. While the earphones offer the best of musical services, there are other factors you need to take into account too.

Mostly the specifications people study before getting one are:

  1. The type
  2. The frequency response
  3. Length and quality of cord
  4. Drivers
  5. Clarity quality

But one thing people sometimes might ignore is the design and comfort, we can’t forget that how comfortable the accessory is for your ears is equally important. Not every device suits all and you should select the size of the in-ears or buds according to your liking, which fits in and doesn’t slip off. Well, if you are actually considering that then you are in for a treat.

AMX has something that fits all the requirements you might be looking for, “ONE X IN-EAR EARPHONES”. This device has a feature of ergonomic design that makes sure the earphones stay in place even when you are working out and provides you an ultimate cloud comfort experience in your ears. The earphones also come with three different sized earbuds so you can choose according to your ear needs. So, we are need telling you what to buy but just offering a suggestion.

I guess it is time for that next booty shakes on a new accessory this Diwali.

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