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Firstly, let’s start by explaining what quick charge is, this technology found by Qualcomm is used in devices like phones and chargers by transmitting to the power supply and negotiating a certain voltage that charges your device faster than the old technology chargers allow. It can be found in wall adaptors, power banks, and wireless chargers. It aims to provide power at more than the typical 5 volts rate as compared to the usual USB standards. In 2012, USB PD came into existence and changed the idea of power delivery by transferring up to 100 watts of power over USB ports.

So now since you get the crux of the technology, we would like to throw some light on how it is way more efficient than the older version:

  1. It's fast

Well, this one is clearly quite obvious. But the question remains how fast is this fast!? To be precise if your phone is quick to charge 3.0 compatible, you can charge up to 4 times faster than conventional chargers.

  1. Improves the usability

Fast technology makes charging more convenient by reducing the time taken to charge the device which reduces the dependence and improves the usability of the device.

  1. Promotes batteries with higher capacity

A lot of devices in the market have comparatively higher battery capacity due to larger display, and these more than average capacity batteries take a longer time to charge full-on. It gets difficult roaming around with half-filled devices, living in the fear of dying because of old technology. On the other hand, Quick charge tries to provide as much charge as possible for a shorter period, which makes higher capacities practical.

  1. Protects against overheating

Another advantage of fast charging is that it includes hardware and software mechanism that protects the device from over-heating by adapting to normal charging mode after they reach a certain level or percentage.


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