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Back To School Essentials

Nobody likes going back to school and the workload that comes as a
plus one with it. The perpetual grinding of the school work never ends
and so doesn’t the stress. Mainly because we rely on the same
mechanism most of the time and don’t try to experiment even for minute
things. We get the idea of comfort and trustable methods but you should
always thrive for better. Well, you are in luck that we have a list that will
give you an added advantage and will you much more efficient.

Dynamic earphones
There are plenty of reasons you should have good quality earphones
with you: maybe you want to hear something while the class is
happening or you want to give yourself some music therapy for the
stress or its avoid that clingy kid who has been trying to talk to you.
Music always takes you to another world and helps you create the vibe
you want to.
Our suggestion: ONE X Earphones

Utility cables
USB cables are a godsend product as carrying pen drives is a passé. Well, it is important to have sturdy wires in your life just like friends. You’d
be surprised how much useful fast technology USB cables can be, like transferring important data for backup or charging your phone in
an emergency with your laptop, it’s all possible.
Our suggestion: INFINITI series –Micro USB, Type C to Type c and
Type A to Type c.

Multi-efficient Adaptor
Charging gets difficult in school as finding multiple free ports is as
difficult as finding the book you need during exams, it’s mostly taken.
Those are the moments you need a device that can make your life
simpler by doing everything in one place. Multiple port adaptor lets you
leave your worries behind as it can charge all your devices in one place
with an addition of fast and efficient charging.
Our suggestion : XP PORT SERIES- XP 24+ 2-PORT, XP 35 3-PORT,
XP 40 4-PORT and XP 50 5-PORT adaptors.

Wireless charger
Upgrading technology is the need of the hour and what does it better
than making things wireless. The days of wires controlling our lives are
over and it has never been more feasible. You can’t just unsee the
benefits of having a wireless charger like no need for running for sockets
or you can watch or work even while it is on charge or how you won’t
have to keep a check for overcharging and overheating.
Our suggestion: BEAM X Wireless Charger
Well now since we have done most of the work of research for you, all
you gotta do is take your phone and order the gadgets to make your life


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