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A Guide To Charging Your Smartphone In The Car

Our smartphones are integrated into every aspect of our life, so much so that we find it necessary to keep them fully charged at all times. 

Using the cell phone constantly throughout the day drains the battery, potentially leaving you out of luck when you actually need the phone for an emergency.

Many people may not dare to admit it, but ‘battery low’ or ‘1%’ are warnings that cause instant stress for a lot of them. To avoid such a situation, it becomes of essence to take every opportunity to charge your smartphone’s battery. 

In the current generation where we spend a huge amount of time on the road, the car is just the place to stock up on a little extra power. 

Luckily, charging the phone while traveling in your car is simple and cheap if a few things are taken care of. 

Let’s see how:

  • Invest In A Cigarette Car Charger: 

The problem with built-in automotive ports is that they don’t deliver enough juice to keep modern power-hungry phones and other devices on and charging. The reason?  They are not that great when it comes to amperage. You see, the lower the amperage, the longer it takes to charge a device, the higher the amperage, the faster you can charge your device. If you buy a car charger with a USB port that you can plug into the cigarette lighter, charging is a breeze. 

  • Unplug The Charger When The Engine Is Off: 

To prevent your car phone charger from draining your car battery, you should not forget to unplug your charger promptly from the power source when it is not in use. When it is not charging anything, leaving the phone charger plugged in may drain the car battery and may deplete its power if the engine is not running, which could leave you stranded or make for an inconvenient morning. 

  • Ensure Compatibility:

Make sure that the car charger you purchase can be used with a range of devices that may need charging during a trip including your phone, tablets, etc. 

  • Unplug The Phone After It’s Fully Charged: 

Using your car charger continuously to charge your phone i.e. even after your phone is already fully charged will steadily degrade your phone's battery and reduce its lifespan. 

Some new charger models have safeguards that,  in effect, turn themselves off  when your device is fully charged. Be sure to check if the car charger you bought has these safety features. These built-in safeguards protect your device against excessive current, overheating, and overcharging.

However, unplugging the phone once it’s charged to the top is always good practice.

A phone charger is an indispensable accessory in your car- it is also very affordable and comes in handy whenever your smartphone runs out of juice as it’s easy to use and install. 

Our P1 Car Charger can charge two devices simultaneously at top speed (4.8A total). This makes even short trips enough to juice up your device so that you always stay connected. It also comes equipped with AMX Flash Charging Technology to enable rapid charging on the go! Now, you can never run out of battery on your devices. 

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