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Our never-ending need and quest for gadgets have made inventors create something to satisfy everybody. Even though we are few steps away from being a cyborg also as Sheldon in big bang theory suggested that it would be better to preserve the human brain in a robot, we still have a long way to go. 

We all have our own special must-have items that we cannot leave the house without.

One thing we all surely use and carry is our phone, but other than that there are few accessories which make our life more convenient and breathable and that's what we aim to help you with.


  1. Earphones

Music goes a long way and without it, life would be bland. Good earphones are important to rejoice the mesmerizing effect of happy music and that's why you can't leave your place without it. Imagine the horrifying experience of leaving your earphones at home and just staring into nothingness the whole way. For this need, we have AMX ONE X earphones that offer classy design and maximum comfort along with excellent sound attenuation.


  1. USB cords

This is one thing we can't work without whether it's in office or college. The need for USB can arise anytime and we always need it for emergency purposes either for sharing files, transferring data or charging the phone. Good USB cords are super important for better and faster-charging speeds and for doing the work swiftly. For this essential requirement, we have AMX INFINITI USB-A TO USB-C CABLE that offers super speed and high protection along with flash charging tech.


  1. Wireless charger 

People are going wireless for everything these days whether its phones, google home, Bluetooth, headphones and so on. Wireless is the new commodious of the fast generation and the millennials would do anything to achieve that. If it would have been possible to transfer yourself from one place to another through online transfer, they would do that too. Wireless charging is a growing concept and it has quickly taken over people’s hearts. To serve this purpose we have AMX BEAM X WIRELESS CHARGER that offers adaptive fast charging without any hassle of restricted wires.

    4. Car charger

Chargers are important as much as the phones and the need for charge can arise at any moment of the day. So when you want to charge your device while you are on your way to pick up your best friend for the late-night sneak out, you have a car charger to rely on. For this need, we have AMX P1 ATOM CAR CHARGER. 

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