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13 Quick Tips To Boost Your Device’s Battery Life

Charging has become faster and more convenient but developments in battery longevity haven’t kept in pace with other technological advances. These days when we’re on our phones more than ever, it becomes important to keep our batteries fully charged. However, it’s not always easy to be within the range of a charger and thus, you need to squeeze out every last bit of juice to help your phone last as long as you want it to.  

Various polls and studies have also established that a large percentage of people look at battery life as one of the most important features when selecting a new smartphone.

To help you conserve juice, there are a few things you can do to keep your battery from draining quickly and prevent it from dying out:

  • Switch On The Battery Saver Mode:

This might seem obvious but most people don’t think about using the battery saver mode until their phone is about to die. Most Android and Apple phones offer a battery saving feature that can be toggled on at any time and helps your device conserve some power to keep you going all day.

  • Turn On Airplane Mode:

Switching on Airplane Mode might be a good option if your battery is starting to run low. It turns off a bunch of features including Bluetooth & Wi-Fi but if you need either of those, you can always turn them back on manually without leaving Airplane Mode.

  • Turn Off Google Assistant & Siri:

Being able to use your phone using voice command is great, but it comes at a price. If your iPhone or Android device is always listening, that means it’s always taking up battery power. To save up on this consumption of extra power, you might want to consider switching them off.

  • Remove Widgets & Live Wallpapers: 

Widgets and live wallpapers might spruce up your smartphone, but they also waste a bunch of battery life. If you want to make it through the day without worrying about running out of juice, switch to a still background image and delete any widgets that you might be using.

  •  Use Auto-Brightness For The Screen:
  • Enabling auto-brightness saves a good amount of battery life. It adjusts the screen’s brightness according to the need of the hour and thus, prevents the draining of battery life.

    •  Block power-sucking ads

     When browsing the web, your smartphone exhausts power when it downloads mobile ads. Therefore, downloading an ad blocker helps greatly in extending battery life.

    •  Tweak Your Email Settings From Push To Fetch:

    Making this one small change can have a major impact on battery life especially if you receive multiple emails throughout the day.  Push means that your device is always listening for new email and these get pushed through immediately. Fetch means your device checks for new emails at a given interval, every 30 minutes for example. The best thing to do would be to fetch manually i.e. your device only checks for mail when you manually open the email app.

    •  Play Downloaded Music Instead Of Streaming Online:

    This tip is not very welcome as nowadays online streaming of music is the most popular and efficient way to listen to music. However, this method spends lots of battery power. Fortunately, streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music still let you listen to songs the old-school way: by storing the music right on your device.

    •  Make The Wi-Fi Your Best Friend:

    The more your phone works on cellular data, the more the battery it guzzles. When you’re in a place without good Wi-Fi or cellular coverage, the phone uses energy searching for a good signal and if the signal is weak, it tries to get a better connection and thus the phone’s battery seems to drain much more quickly.

    •  Disable Unnecessary Location Tracking:

    GPS consumes a lot of power. While some apps need the location access to help you serve better, keeping it on at all times ends in speedy loss of battery. You can turn on the GPS when you really need it but keep it off otherwise. 

    •  Don't Use Your Phone While Charging It:

    When you use your phone while charging, all the power is consumed by the Display, Processor and other apps. This could overheat the device and subsequently, reduce the battery life of the device. So, in general, one should avoid using the phone while it is charging.

    • Turn Off Notifications:

    While notifications are important, constantly receiving notifications sucks a lot of power. To avoid this, disable auto-sync and that way, you'll only see new content when you open an app and refresh it manually.

    • Turn Off Vibration And Key Tone:. 

    This function wastes a lot of battery life. To produce the vibration effect, your device has to spin up a small motor every time which can really take a toll on your battery.

    In short, maximizing your battery life is equivalent to minimizing your power usage. Following the above tips can really help you increase the battery life of your device and prevent you from saying  “I can’t, my phone’s almost dead.” at the end of the day!

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